By night by day the restless sea

By night by day the restless sea by eve.ps

The restless restless sea
By night, by day, in ebb and flow
Yet every shifting tide we know
Is driven by that eternal law
Which has no failing, fault, or flaw
Which ruled and rules eternally.

It takes its course from day to day
In changeless changes, resistless power
Rises and falls from hour to hour,
Impelled by an almighty sway.
We know the present, know the past
And know that it will ever last.

J. Bowring

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iLiAs είπε...

.ξαπλα στη θαλασσα...οτι καλυτερο! :)
ευτυχως ακομα ο καιρος ειναι μαζι μας!! :)

καλημερα Ευα! :)

evaggelia-p είπε...

@ iLias

Ό,τι καλύτερο! Καλή σου μέρα! :)